Social Media and Events

SKILLS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, gif creation, linkedin, tweetdeck, hootsuite, promosuite, listener experiences, talent interaction, event set-up, execution and breakdown

Between iHeartMedia Philadelphia’s (WIOQ, WRFF, WUSL, WDAS & WISX) 18 social media accounts, we reach approximately 1,008,000 viewers on a daily basis. While out on remotes or at major stations events, I work on our digital/social media team to produce unique content for the coordinating station’s accounts.

Twitter Examples       Facebook Examples       Instagram Examples

In the professional setting, I have worked on theiHeartMedia Philadelphia promotions team setting up, executing and breaking down events ranging from groups of 5 to crowds of 30,000. For a typical remote event, I will travel to a pre-determined location and set up a standard display with incentives to register for prizing. For larger station events, I work with the digital team as the Digital Video Assistant gathering footage for the event’s recap video, artist interviews and live-editing. As a student at Cabrini College, I was heavily involved with on-campus programming and attended regional conferences to sharpen my knowledge of the field.

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